Choose Bergamo

Why choose Bergamo for a break? The answer to this question is simpler than you can imagine. Bergamo has always contained two souls within it, two cities, two visions. Bergamo has always been a city divided into two: Upper Town and Down Town; Bergamo above and Bergamo below; the plain and the Orobie; Milan to the west and Brescia to the east

Then a stop in our land is double, allows you to live a double experience, with a number of discoveries double than normal. An example above all? The wonderful Carrara Academy, with his classic works and capable of crossing the centuries, located in front of Gamec, one of the most important modern and contemporary art galleries in Italy.

The Venetian Walls, officially World Heritage, that overlook the Lower Bergamo, new and shiny. Or the splendid Valle d’Astino with its monastery, that pours into the hectic and full of life plains.

Bergamo, a city that is worth double.

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